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The PathWay provides Top online counseling services & therapy consultation. Feel free to talk with the top online psychologist & counselor.

Pathway is a Mumbai- based online start-up, projected with the vision of providing psychological and emotional health- well-being to the people who are experiencing psychological crisis.


It is estimated that one in four people in the world will be affected by mental or neurological disorders at some point in their lives. As per WHO, around 450 million people suffer from such conditions, globally.
About The Pathway Online Service:

ThePathWay provides online counseling services & therapy consultation. Feel free to talk with the top online psychologist & counselor.

Pathway is a Mumbai- based online start-up, projected with the vision of providing psychological and emotional health- well being to the people who are experiencing psychological crisis. We aim at addressing the importance of mental health and at the same time, breaking the stigma which is so strongly linked with seeking help when in the state of psychological distress. In most cases, people suffering from such crises hesitate to share about their mental health status to others, fearing that they will be judged and discriminated. Hence, our objective is to provide online platform where they can open up, share their vulnerabilities without the fear of being judged and can come up with solutions. We encourage more and more people to talk about their mental health that’s too without revealing their identity (if not comfortable).


To promote wellness and care, provide services and reach unhealthy minds from diverse backgrounds around the globe through online platform where they can talk without the fear of being recognized.


To establish a bridge where seeking help for mental health is not stigmatized and enabling a sustainable environment through talk therapy with our experienced and certified clinical psychologist and counselors.

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I found after reading lots of positive reviews about the best website. I am happy to have invested my valuable money in the right place. I assure you that PathWay gives quality help on depression and relationship issues. I was assigned the best head therapist. He gets down to my deep core fears and addresses them in an understanding, empathetic manner. He has helped me through a very difficult time and has given very valuably, practical advice time and time again. He helps me find many solutions to one problem so that I can grow smoothly to my better self. I am grateful to know that I have his emotional and mental support

Pankaj Kumar
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Manish Shukla

Dr. Manish Shukla

Director, Psychologist , ICAP,

International Certified trainer for Substance use disorder Addiction Expert counsultant Dr Manish Shukla is a Consultant Psychologist and Therapist experienced for more than 10years+ in treating Substance use disorders and psychological Illness like Depression, Anxiety, and other Personality disorders induced by Substance drug use. He is also experienced in family counseling services and community interventions and awareness. He is a Internationally Certified Addiction Professional, Mindfulness practitioner and Emotional intelligence practitioner, He is also a master Trainer for Harm reduction in SUD from UNODC(United Nations office on Drugs and Crime. He is a Secretary of Association of Rehabilitation Centre, Registered member at CCI (Counseling Council of INDIA), Active Member of Ecolink Alumni (Global level) Association, Registered Member of International Society for Substance Use Professionals, GCCC( Global centre for Credentialing and Certification, DAP(Drug Advisory Programme).

Dr. Priyanka Tiwari

Dr. Priyanka Tiwari


Dr. Priyanka Tiwari is a researcher in the field of toxicology and is constantly working on how toxicants affect psychological health. She believes in everything psychological is biological.

Dr. Suyog Mhatre

Dr. Suyog Mhatre

Executive Team

B.A.M.S, PGDCRP, Sr.Medical officer at Raptim Research Ltd.

Prajakta Jagtap

Prajakta Jagtap

Executive Team

Prajakta Jagtap is a clinical psychologist. She is practicing psychometric testing and psychotherapy for more than 5 years. She emphasizes on non-judgmental, safe, empathetic, and collaborative space for an individual and group.

Internship and workshop programme for students and professionals who are pursuing career in psychology.
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